Cheese vat, which is one of the main machines used in cheese production; It provides heating of the milk put into it. When the desired temperature is reached, yeast and other ingredients are added into it, thanks to the mixer inside, yeast and other components are mixed homogeneously throughout the tank.

Then the fermented milk; Thanks to specially designed cutter blades that can cut into cubes, the fermented clot is cut. It forms curd after the clot matures.

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  • It is made of AISI 304 quality stainless steel.
  • It is made with a 3-walled system.
  • Insulated insulated thickness 5.5cm.
  • Rolbont steam cooking system
  • It is 100 cm high and with legs for natural flow.
  • There is a pneumatic lifting system to discharge the product.
  • With digital temperature display.
  • It is a 2.2 kW 0-20 rpm adjustable mixer.
  • It has 2 blades with mixer.
  • 4″ product outlet valve.
  • It has a ventilation pipe.
  • CIP washing ball is available


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Inoxbey Factory in Sakaraya, Türkiye

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  • White cheese
  • Water Filtration and Bottling Plants
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  • Ice Cream Making Machines
  • Frozen Yogurt Shops
  • Cake Bakery Shop
  • Olive Oil Pressing and Filling Machines 250 – 5000 kg/hr
  • Fruits and Vegetables Washing and packing machines
  • Medical fluids Making and Filling machines.
  • Hummus Fully Automatic Making and Packing Plant
  • Frozen French Fries Making Lines 250-2000 kg/hr

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