The Depravity of a Minecraft Predator | The Lionmaker Saga (Ft. The Right Opinion)

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Join me and The Right Opinion as we take a look back on the YouTuber whose depraved actions once rocked the Minecraft world to its core, Lionmaker Studios.

Huge thanks to Colossal Is Crazy for offering further insight/research, as well as the following editors for taking care of TRO’s massive part.
Peter Day:
Coleo Is Cooleo:

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50 thoughts on “The Depravity of a Minecraft Predator | The Lionmaker Saga (Ft. The Right Opinion)”

  1. Just wanted to make a quick clarification.

    Suzie was actually the one who had control over her daughter’s phone during the time Lionmaker requested nudes from the 13-year-old. This is a detail I didn't realize until after my video went up, and as a result, I was unnecessarily cruel to her for just trying to do what was right for her child. I take full responsibility for not doing the proper research and apologize for mischaracterizing that aspect of the story, it was absolutely a mistake on my end and I would like to resolve it.

    I hope this pinned comment can suffice as a decent explanation and apology for what I did. Thanks for reading this far and I hope you can forgive me.

  2. As someone who is borderline, I want to throat punch Lionmaker for trying to use an already very stigmatised personality disorder as an excuse.

    BPD is a result of abuse, and I think I can speak for most of us, when we do realise we have a problem and get help, we are terrified of perpetuating the abuse so much, that we sometimes refuse to have kids.

  3. Let me say this and let me say it once age gaps aren’t really a problem what the problem is is if their children. If you’re 26 and you’re dating a 38 year old or something that’s OK cause you guys are both adults. Though I gotta admit sometimes they are weird because you know sometimes somebody will date somebody that could literally be their parent! Or daughter.

  4. I'm honestly impressed how colossal was able to keep his cool during that interview, every time lionmaker speaks I have on overwhelming urge to punch him his smug ass face. I truly hate lionmaker, I sincerely hope he gets sent to prison forever…

  5. There are two reasons why you google "Age of consent in [location]". One is for research, like video on a kiddy diddler. Second is checking how not to end up in jail, but still get beaten up.

  6. "16 yO bRaInS aRe NoT eQuIpPed…"
    LMAOO bro have you never been 16:or something like, come on that's waaaaayyyyy too far 😂😅 like fuck these pedos bro but at the same time wttffff are you talking about 😂🤣😅😂🤣😅💯💯💯💯

  7. Why such apparent hate and disgust specifically about a 10 year age difference, Whats so wrong about it, I dont understand. You should be focusing more on the fact that he was dating someone who was underage, and less about the age gap. A 40 year old dating a 30 year old isnt wrong is it? or taboo?

  8. Im not defending lionmaker, or advocating for his excuse that he was hacked, but honestly when trying to frame someone I would imagine taking the time to replicate the vics desktop would be common sense. I mean its not smart, its just competent, be realistic someone who has the motivation, skill, and time to frame someone damn well should have atleast the 1 brain cell it takes to think of doing that. If these guys think it would take Einstein to think of it, then that is vary sad.

  9. i've never looked at a minecraft video before, so i just found out this guy existed from this video showing up in my recommended for some reason. so i'm basically just here to point out that when that interview with that british colossal guy ended with like, "everyone here is innocent until proven guilty, and anyone who watches the video can decide for themselves. for example i've decided you're a pedophile." the belgian rapist was SO PLUCKED!! lmfao i had to pause the video to finish laughing.

  10. I'm gonna be completely honest with you and say that I had no idea who this man was until going back and rewatching some of Stampy's lets plays and seeing his gamer tag on the multiplayer list. I feel so lucky knowing that I never got into Lionmaker's content as a younger minecraft player, I was only hyperfixated on Stampy and occasionally iBallistic aha

  11. Im a little late to the party 😀 but yano how he going off his head in those videos at the end, Thats exactly how he would have been speaking to that young girl behind closed doors

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