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InoxBey is a premier, world-class solution provider in the Cheese and Dairy Products Making and Packaging equipment industry. We are a manufacturer and exporter of food production lines and filling lines View Products inoxbey Production Lines InoxBey Lines 2 inoxbey pharma chemical 1
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InoxBey Pumps Stainless 304 Food Grade Centrifugal Pump
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InoxBey has always aimed at offering the most advanced solutions on the market. Starting from the tomato processing, we have enlarged our business and we are now able to provide high technology equipment and 360° lines for the Food, Liquid Food, Beverage, and Lube oil sectors.

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InoxBey Factory in Sakarya

InoxBey of Al Hariri Group

We have been serving the food industry since 1982. InoxBey of Al Hariri Group manufacture and export processing, filling, and packing equipment for food and beverage. We are a leading company in manufacturing packaging and filling machines located in Sakarya / Türkiye. We produce several brands of equipment including AL HARIRI, INOXBEY, and LIONMAK. Contact us and come visit our factory to discuss your machinery needs. Contact Us

No matter how small or large your project

We will do our best to support your project needs. Our support team is on-hand to assist with any issues you are experiencing. Please contact us with your needs. Send us a message and we’ll respond as soon as possible. You can also contact us by WhatsApp using the icon below to the right. We will reply to your inquiry as soon as possible.
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Eng. Ahmad Al Hariri, Founder & CEO
ADVANCED DESIGNS InoxBey uses the latest advancement in technology to design your machines to your specifications and requirements. HIGH WORK EFFICIENCY Our equipment are efficient in production and energy consumption.  We take into consideration your growth potential and work standards. FAST AND ACCURATE
You project gets our full attention and care.  We will work with your team to deliver your production lines and filling equipment on-time to meet your schedule.
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This is just a sample of our products and manufacturing capabilities. We also produce custom designed machinery and production lines of all kinds.  Contact us by WhatsApp or Email to discuss your project needs. Download Catalog Request a Price Quote YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR PRIORITY We care about your business and your company history and our goal is to make you grow in productivity and innovation. We focus daily in offering highly flexible solutions and custom-made systems, highly reliable in terms of service and quality. In every part of the world and for every need, our customers can count on our know-how and professionality.

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What Our Customers Have to Say

Excellent price and performance. Project executed and delivered on time per our requirements. testimonial4 Kelvin Black From Dubai, UAE InoxBey has positively surprised with their quality and abilities in the IQF frozen potatoes lines. We are very pleased to deal with them testimonial1 Zasha Swan From Ukrain When we were searching for a Turkish supplier of Cheese production lines, we found Inoxbey of Sakarya, Turkey. testimonial2 Uğor Yeldız From Azerbaijan Thank you Mr. Ahmed Al Hariri for your support in our mono pumps and heat exchanger requirements. We are vey pleased to deal with İnoxbey testimonial2 Mohammed Bukhari From Kuwait

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